In November 2008 we are leaving for a 2-man expedition to the Geographic South Pole, starting at the edge of the Antarctic continent. The expedition will have no resupplies and we will be self sufficient, dragging 120kg pulks over the ice and sastrugi, in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

The journey will cover 1,200 km from the starting point at Hercules Inlet,~ 80S and will be uphill and into the wind the whole way to the pole. The principal hazards will be the harsh environment, with katabatic winds and sub zero temperatures and falling into vast crevasses.

We aim to raise funds for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust which looks after the historic sites in Antarctica, and particularly the conservation programme to preserve captain Scott's Hut from his ill fated Terra Nova expedition.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Training hard has a unique difficulty

We are now getting a lot more organised for the expedition, and are feeling really strong in our training. The tyre dragging has progressed to being comfortable dragging for 7+ hours one day and doing it again, the day after, without being overly fatigued. However the problem with increased training and fitness, is that we are a bit too lean for an Antarctic expedition! The challenge now is to gain weight in the next 6 weeks, despite 20+hr training weeks. I guess that means supplementing my recently improved diet with some fattening products (need to gain fat not muscle) - so roll on the donuts and chocolate! Looking at my scales on Sunday I reckon I need to put on c5kg minumum (ie. almost 1 stone).

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