In November 2008 we are leaving for a 2-man expedition to the Geographic South Pole, starting at the edge of the Antarctic continent. The expedition will have no resupplies and we will be self sufficient, dragging 120kg pulks over the ice and sastrugi, in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

The journey will cover 1,200 km from the starting point at Hercules Inlet,~ 80S and will be uphill and into the wind the whole way to the pole. The principal hazards will be the harsh environment, with katabatic winds and sub zero temperatures and falling into vast crevasses.

We aim to raise funds for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust which looks after the historic sites in Antarctica, and particularly the conservation programme to preserve captain Scott's Hut from his ill fated Terra Nova expedition.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Almost away/ farewell evening

We cannot believe we depart the UK on Friday for our massive adventure! We fly to Punta Arenas on the southern tip of Chile and then (after sorting our equipment) onto Antarctica - anticipated 8th Nov. We are then dropped off on the ice to begin the expedition. We feel well prepared and have been so busy recently thta we will almost be glad to get stuck into it!

On Thursday last week we held a drinks reception for sponsors at Buck's Club, London. It was well attended with 92 guests and our presentations were well received - thanks to all those who donated to the Campaign to Save Scott's Hut. Thanks to the Tonkinson family for supporting this event.

Thanks again to all those who have helped us get to the position we are in now: the sponsors, donors, polar advisors, suppliers, family and friends.


Punch Buggy said...

Hi I can relate I know what it's like to depart, because I had to do the same when I went to Jamaica my plane stopped in Florida first then me and my two aunts had to wait 2 hours until our final plane came to fly us to Jamaica. We spent six days in Westmoreland which is a country area then we spent the last day & night in Montigo Bay. I got to swim on Jamaica's fine beach before we took our leaving plane so the party didn't stop. Well I said enough tah tah.

Richard T said...

Hi Adam & Gavin,

I hope you are both feeling fit & had a trouble free trip out there.

Where are you now & when does the serious stuff start??

Best of luck to you both - will be thinking of you whilst lying on the beach in India!!

With best wishes,